Selling on Amazon Marketplace - How to Connect With Your (Potential) Amazon Customers Directly

Monday, December 30, 2019

Amazon USED to provide out the email address of your consumers, so that you ought to follow up with them and send them thank you notes and such, but they've modified that a while ago. Read directly to find out how you can nonetheless hook up with your customers.

They might have added the restrictions to their touch device with the intention to hold a tighter reign on customer service quality, and probably to prevent leakage in their income. Either manner, now there may be not a way to get in contact along with your clients at once.

Or is there? In truth, there are two methods:

1) Thank You Gifts or Notes

You may want to encompass a few form of "special" of present for your package deal, maybe a bookmark that doubles as a chit, or a present of some kind, for instance for an digital e-book. If you cross for the latter, you would possibly want to give them a desire -- or ensure you've got a variety of gives and send them one that would go properly with their purchase.

In order to say it, they would then must e mail you, and bingo -- you may have their e mail deal with.

If all you want is follow up, there may be not anything incorrect with writing again, thanking them for his or her effective comments (pronouncing they made your day!), and asking them in the event that they could likely be willing to offer you positive remarks and encompass similar comments.

I once obtained an enthusiastic phone name from a person who stated she become so enthusiastic about having gotten the e book, and so quick and in such brilliant pleasant, and that she would go away comments. However, unluckily, she in no way did.

Here's the component: Not very many people go away remarks on Amazon for some purpose.

2) Your Own Storefront

One aspect many sellers don't even realise is that you do have your personal storefront and if you have numerous books, it might be really worth it to send visitors directly in your personal "keep."

For the maximum component, you may get your clients via your listings right alongside Amazon's listings (used and new phase). But it is not the most effective way...

I accept as true with advertising and marketing your storefront might work nice if you had a few eclectic form of mix of books, where you could market it it by way of manner of ezine articles as an example, or put up an advert at numerous places (usfreeads.Com).

You may also set up a web page (or a weblog) talking about your books, or choose ones, with links for your storefront.

One element that makes the storefront much less powerful, as a minimum for "loose" companies, is that there's no bargain for a couple of purchases, at least no longer to start with through Amazon's order device, even though you are welcome to refund your customers part of the cash OR upgrading them to faster shipping if they buy more than one books.


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